Cats do not hunt with gloves.

cats hunt gloves

In sex there are some parts of the woman’s body that must play softly, without ignoring exploration and improvisation … We quote below:


   A)Temperature of the feet and toy offers cold

With cold feet and hands there is no pleasure, put heating where you practice the sexual act. Remember cats do not hunt with gloves.




  B) Clítoris.

sextoyoffers-clitorisTouch it carefully since there are many nerve endings and it could be counterproductive if you play aggressively, start playing it slowly and with hot and humid hands, massage in circles without an excess of stimulation.
Do not be ashamed and ask where her G spot is.


   C) Neck of the Uterus.

If during sex you get to the cervix (the channel that connects the uterus to the vagina) is that you have a very long penis and it has already happened to you before so do not aim the flute to the bottom or maybe it may be that the woman is not hot enough. It could be very painful for her to touch that key so change your position and the penetration gonna be less deep.


   D) Anus.ENZELU67032558a758242b6a


It is important to use lubricant and preheating. Of course it starts very slowly, you can start by introducing a well-lubricated dildo and gradually



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